Music Maker Rhythmic

Real Name: Alexandr Savin

Alexander Savin, also known as Music Maker Rhythmic, DJ, musician and radio host.
Author and presenter of the radio project "Azbuka Deepa"
2002. Host of "Resonance" radio "Station 2000" (Juice 106.6 FM Samara).
2003-2004. Creates the solo project "Music Maker Rhythmic" has recorded four albums.
2008. Has active work in Samarsky show business.
2015. Organizer Party planner "Techno Fall" in a nightclub "Star". The headliner of the party was DJ Lena Popova and Compass Vrubel.
2016. Co-owner of the label "Azbuka Deepa".
Continues to release their own releases.
Now working sound engineer and leading